Hello! Thanks for stopping by! This site was created to document all of the ways that God inspires me to create, and hopefully, as you spend time here you can be inspired to create something of your own or find items for the special people in your life.

I get so much joy from making others feel special. I started out making things when I was just a little girl in Girl Scouts and haven’t stopped since. My crafting title would be “Jack of All Trades and Master of None” because I’m always trying new techniques instead of honing the ones I already know! Though the medium and methods have always changed, whether in physical or digital form, my desire to craft things that make a difference in people’s lives has not.

If you are curious about me, I am married to my best friend and in my completely biased opinion, the most amazing husband on the planet. We were married in a whirlwind romance in 2006 and have been learning and growing more together every day. In 2009 our oldest son was born and he has been such a tremendous joy and delight. He continues to be a source of inspiration and one of my biggest fans. In 2014 we welcomed our youngest son who has been an early tester of my latest creations. We also have two very loving and mischievous cats that are always underfoot.

In addition to all of the many wonderful things above, I get an opportunity to make an impact in people’s lives as a Software Development Manager. My husband is a Program Manager and our sons are full-time students. We all go to a church where we live and have friends who encourage our creativity.

If you think my life is perfect, then please come visit my home on days when the laundry is overflowing, dishes are spilling out of the sink, and we are eating takeout. Most days I get far too little sleep and worry far too much. I am so grateful for the grace of God in those moments!