Baby Name Banner – Felt Mama & Baby Bird on Branch

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This was a fun project to conceptualize. A friend of mine was having a daughter and one of the hosts of her shower asked if I would make a name banner. I thought it would be fun to base the design off of the shower invitation which featured two polka dot pink birds on a branch – a Mommy and a Baby and have the baby’s name written out on leaves hanging from the branch.


Because I was still so into felt, this is made entirely from felt, thread, and ribbon. Unfortunately the picture really didn’t come out very well, as it looks much better in person. The dots on the birds are embroidered dots done with a sewing & embroidery machine. The embroidery file for the dots was purchased online and unfortunately I don’t remember where the flower font used to embroider the leaves came from. The edging on the birds is just stitched on thin pieces of felt, along with the eyes and beak. All of it is hung using brown polka dot ribbon and has to be up against a wall because the birds are only on the branch at the bottom and will start to tip over.

If I did it again I would not use embroidery to make the dots and lettering, opting instead for fabric paint for the dots and cut lettering for the leaves.



Products Used:

Digi Dolls – Small Tiny Circle Dot Filled Embroidery Design

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