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If you are anything like me you’ve probably heard a million times that in order to save money it’s important to plan out your meals for the week. And if you are anything like me, the thought of doing so is pretty daunting.

In order to make life a little easier, I use a service that helps me to find the weekly deals and provides ideas for what to make. I’d put the site here, but it needs some more time for growth before I’m willing to recommend it. The nice thing is that the people who run the site come up with lots of ideas for what to make for the week, the bad thing is that about half of it are not things that my family would eat. They are things that most normal families eat, but we’re anything but normal!

So every week, I’d comb through the list of items for sale and the recipes I liked and then went to All Recipes to find the remaining recipes that matched the ingredients that were for sale that sounded interesting. But since the two lists were separate, and rather than wasting paper or only having the list on something I can see, I decided to make custom whiteboards for each day of the week. These are made from adhesive whiteboard vinyl and full size printable labels. I cut both out using my Silhouette and then stuck them together. They were kinda hard to line up, so maybe in the future it might be easier to cut them together first if they aren’t too thick?

Days of the Week Whiteboard Labels


The only problem I encountered was that the adhesive on the label wasn’t sticking very well to my slick cabinet surface, so I had to use some spray adhesive to stick it. Double sided tape would also work.

I’ve tried to get going on meal planning in several ways, but this has been the only one that I’ve used more than a few times. It’s been really busy around here so a picture of this currently would show the same thing as a couple of months ago, but I still have plans to get back into the swing of things. It was so nice to have an answer to the question of “What’s for dinner?” instead of just frustration.

Products Used:

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool

3×4 life cards days of the week (cut file)

Duck 1115496 Laminate Adhesive Peel N’ Stick Shelf Liner, Clear (not the same thing I used, but would probably work just as well and is MUCH cheaper!)

Avery® White Full-Sheet Labels for Inkjet Printers with TrueBlock(TM) Technology, 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches, Pack of 25 (8165)


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