Fairy Princess Tutu & Flower Crown

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There are times when it’s fun to think about little girls clothing and it’s great since our son has a good friend who is a girl that I can give to. So, when I found this tutorial – How to make a no-sew tutu it sounded like a great thing to try.


What I learned the hard way is that while the knotting and making the elastic band is VERY easy, cutting all of the pieces required all to the same length and the multitude of tulle required took forever. In the end it came out pretty cute, but I could tell it really needed a crown.

To make the crown, I took a foam circle and wrapped it with ribbon and tied it in the back so the ribbon was coming down the back. Then I put some fake flowers sticking in the ribbon with some glue.


If I had to do it again, I would use this technique to cut the tulle – Cut Tulle for a Tutu QUICK and EASY and it would be a lot less painful. I would also make sure to get the tutu on a roll instead of in sheets so it is the right width to begin with.


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