Felt Food – Take 3: Israeli Food

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In an effort to try to help raise money for my friends who are serving in Israel, I decided to make a set of felt food that was inspired by food found in Israel. This was a fun project that involved a bunch of research. In the end the items were well received, but unfortunately no sales. Probably a little too obscure :P

Felt Israeli Food

Felt Israeli Food

My favorite item is the Challah bread, and it happens to be the easiest one to make. Just three stuffed tubes of felt braided and stitched on the ends.

The fishes are cute. I just took a basic shape of a fish and cut out scales and stitched them down. The added detail of the X makes it look more like food, but also slightly creepy.

The Matzo Ball Soup was very involved and difficult. I probably won’t ever try to do soup again, it’s hard to make the bowl stand up and be round without making the soup puffy. I took the soup pattern from a pattern of a bowl and spoon designed by umecrafts. To that I added the soup top, Carrots and Matzo Balls with Parsley flakes.

The final thing that I made was a deconstruct-able pita sandwich. Each of the pieces were pretty easy, just a little time consuming with all of the pieces. We are constantly finding bits and pieces of this set and it is never kept together, so if I did it all over again, I would have probably sewn each of the separate items together so there would only be 4 pieces.

Pattern Used:

Felt Patterns Jumbo Deal (Bowl & Spoon in set)


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