Felt Food – Take 4: Embroidered Tea Bags

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Embroidered Felt Tea Bags

Embroidered Felt Tea Bags

Another popular trend with Felt Food is tea related items, so I wanted to make some fun tea bags. Using my newly received first sewing and embroidery machine and finding embroidery files online, I stitched out each of the different foods and titles onto the felt. The colors and kinds were chosen to help my son learn his colors and object names. Then it was completed by stitching another side and filling, then putting on a matching tag. The embroidery took a really long time, and if I did it again, I would probably just cut out some felt and embellish it. Overall they turned out pretty cute, but not very practical since the tags have since come off and my son never really cared much for using them as tea bags, but he did make some lovely soup :)


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