Littlest Starfleet Officer – Baby Star Trek Costume

For  our son’s 1st Halloween, we knew we wanted to do something geeky and unconventional. Since he was only 3 months old there was no way we would find anything other than traditional animals at the time. So, with the enlisted help of my parents we decided upon a Starfleet officer.

Littlest Starfleet Officer

We had frequent discussions with my non-Trekkie parents about what a Starfleet officer is, why the series was important (TNG of course), and why the color had to be yellow / gold (Engineering). They worked really hard on it, and it was especially challenging because they are far away, but they did a great job. After scouring the internet, I was able to find a tiny TNG insignia to use as a communicator. We thought that he should be an Ensign so no pips were added. Coupled with black pants, black socks, and black dress shoes the outfit was complete. He looks a bit dazed in this picture because of the flash and having to be propped up since he couldn’t sit up yet, but I think the stern look adds to the authenticity. :)

If you are looking for dressing up your own tiny geek, today there are all kinds of things on Think Geek and other places, especially these: ThinkGeek :: Star Trek Uniform Creepers


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