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For my son’s 2nd Halloween we wanted to continue the geeky theme that we started for his 1st Halloween. Our son was just a little over a year old and just started walking when he dressed up as Steve Jobs. This was a year before his untimely death and we had no idea that it would end up being in his memory. Everyone loved it and it still brings a smile to geeky people’s faces when they find out. :)

Steve Jobs Toddler Costume

Steve Jobs Toddler Costume

To create this costume we got the traditional black mock turtleneck, blue jeans, and white sneakers. For the glasses we found a small pair of reading glasses with the lenses removed and tied it with elastic in the back. We practiced several times in the days leading up to give my son practice with the glasses.

Felt iPhone Front

Felt iPhone Front

However, the outfit would not be complete without some sort of Apple product, and what better than the iPhone 4? Rather than trust a toddler with walking around with an actual iPhone, I made one out of felt. First I took a screenshot of my phone and then printed the image onto printable fabric. While that was drying, I cut a piece of foam to size and stitched pieces of felt together to cover it. Then I glued the fabric “screen” onto the top and added little embellishments of buttons and grills using a sharpie and puffy paint. The back logo and lettering was drawn out with puffy paint.

Felt iPhone Back

Felt iPhone Back


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