Mini Easter Basket Cupcakes w/ Jelly Beans, Licorice & Coconut Grass

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For my oldest son’s preschool Easter party I signed up to make cupcakes. So I had a crazy idea to make a easter basket and found some other crazy people on Pinterest who had done the same thing (A Night Owl Blog). Turns out that the pictures are deceiving on how involved these cute confections are.

Easter Basket Cupcakes

First I baked up some carrot cake cupcakes and frosted the tops with cream cheese frosting – all store bought mixes to try to save some time! The cupcake cups I found were super cute, but I would have really loved to use a basket weave pattern, but they only come in the regular cupcake size and the requirement was mini cupcakes.
Easter Basket Cupcakes

Then I mixed up some green food die with coconut flakes and shook them in a plastic bag to make the grass and sprinkled it on top of all of the cupcakes. Make sure to do this on something that you aren’t using to bring the cupcakes because coconut goes EVERYWHERE.
Easter Basket Cupcakes

Once the tops of the cupcakes were covered, I pushed in a purple licorice (Grape Vines) for the basket handle and topped with 4 jelly beans.
Easter Basket Cupcakes

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