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For my son’s 1st Birthday we chose a Rainforest theme because he absolutely loved all of the Playskool Rainforest themed toys and water. There wasn’t too much to our theme, but I wanted to make sure there was a nice banner to greet everyone and signs to let people know where everything was.

Rainforest Happy Birthday Banner

For the banner the lighter leaves are cut out of poster board and the darker leaves from stiffened felt. To cut it, I just cut out a shape like a heart and then narrow triangles for the edges.

For the lettering, it is blue fun foam that was cut from a printed page of the letters using the same font as the invitation. After each letter was cut out, I looked at the letter of each font to draw in the white lines using a white-out pen. Everything was glued together with hot glue :)

When we have parties at our house, it’s pretty frequent that we have to use our garage, great room, and backyard due the number of people. I’m often directing everyone as to where everything is, but this was my attempt to be able to attend the party. I didn’t really have all of the tools and supplies to make this great, just a stick and some green duct tape and poster board, but it’s a fun memory of all that was going on. We tried very hard to make the party something that all ages would enjoy, since at the time there weren’t very many people who had kids. So we had a book making station with blank board books and markers for people to make books for our son, and there was DDR and Foosball in the garage. Toys and wading pool was in the backyard.

Rainforest Party Signs


I also sewed about 30 lilly pads using 2 pieces of felt with a blanket stitch with various shades of green and then glued little plastic frogs to them to use as decorations on the tables. The scale was completely off with the frogs – they were much smaller than expected. Does anyone else have a problem buying things online and not being able to visualize their size? Happens to me all the time. Anyway, we used them for the party, but there wasn’t any use for them afterwards so I just threw them out. I was too busy during the party to take a picture of them. The tables all had a blue tablecloth on them to give the appearance of the lily pads being on top of water.

The very best decorations at the party were the gorgeous drawings of rainforest critters that my friends did that decorated the garage. We still have them in my son’s room today. I’m so thankful for friends who are better at other areas than I am!

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