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With fall always comes a time of reflection for me. I think about how the year has gone so far and if there is something that needs to change for the better. It’s a better time than New Years because it helps me have a plan going into the crazy holiday season. I’m also not completely burnt out yet :)

Fall Gardening

This blog has been on my mind and heart a bunch lately. How do I make this a habit? How do I get through the years of backlogged photos of projects, events, and all of the other fun things I wanted this to be about? How to juggle my desire for creativity with spending time with my family and having a full-time job? When should I let people formally know that this blog even exists? I’ve been praying and seeking the Lord and below is the format that I will be sticking to, and you all are welcome to keep me to it!

New Blog Format

  • There will be three main categories of posts:
    • Craft Projects
    • Time with God
    • Resource Recommendations
  • Posts will be published every Monday and Wednesday
  • Any past projects blogged will be published when I write about them, and not when they were done (previously I would backdate the post)

This doesn’t answer all of my questions, but hopefully it’s a start in the right direction! Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions or comments. I look forward to this new adventure to see where it goes!

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