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Ever have one of those projects that looks great when someone else does them, but when you do them it turns out horrible? Well, this was definitely one of them. I almost didn’t want to post on this, but I figured this site should document failures as well as successes.

Here is the original tutorial I found, don’t they look beautiful!


Here are the ones I made based on it. I’m sure that some of the differences are due to the type of ribbon and beads that I choose. Or maybe the fact that I’m not very good at making things even. Either way, go to Amy Cluck’s website for the tutorial so that hopefully you would have a better time of it than I did!

Yellow & Turquoise Beaded Ribbon Necklaces

Red & Pink Beaded Ribbon Necklaces

Brown & Emerald Beaded Ribbon Necklaces

What I can’t for the life of me figure out is why I kept going and making more when I didn’t even want to wear the first one I made. I must have told myself that it just wasn’t my style, but if there’s anything to be learned from Project Runway, it’s to make things that you would actually want. Lesson learned and hopefully not repeated in the future :)

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Monochromatic Ribbon Assortment

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