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My husband talks often of how when he was a kid he would tie a blanket around his neck and run around pretending that he was a superhero. So, when I saw this tutorial – DIY Superhero Cape Tutorial, I knew that I had to make one for our son.


Because our son’s name starts with an S, doing a Superman logo was the obvious choice. To make the logo, I put a piece of yellow felt in my embroidery machine and used red thread and the stock shadow letter as big as I could make it. After stitching the lettering, I cut the yellow piece into the iconic shape and then stitched down the edges using a zig-zag stitch.


Then I thought, what is a superhero without his mask? So, I traced his sunglasses onto a piece of felt and added holes for the eyes and a piece of elastic. Then I attempted to put it on my son, only to see him writhing in pain from how tight it was on his eyes and how he couldn’t see because the holes were in the wrong spot. I quickly removed it and laughed as I put it away. I keep thinking that somehow it can be salvaged, but it just really needs to go into the trash.

I have since made the cape again and instead of doing the embroidery of the letter, I cut it out using my die cut machine using felt and then stitched down the center of the letter. This worked out much better and faster. The only thing that needs some more work is my appliqué skills. I keep trying to get the hang of a satin stitch and it’s alluding me, but it will happen someday :)


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