Toddler Fuzzy Slippers

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Boys love to imitate their fathers and our son is no different. He really loved wearing his dad’s fuzzy slippers around the house, even though he could barely walk in them. So I decided that he really should have a pair of his own.


To make this I bought some blue fake fur, really stiff interfacing, a piece of foam and grippy fabric. Then I traced out the bottom of his foot and eyeballed the shape to go over his foot by the toe. Then I ironed on the interfacing to the fur and then cut out the shapes needed and also cut out the shapes needed for the grippy fabric. The bottom of the slipper is a sandwich of fur – interfacing – foam- grippy fabric. The toe is a sandwich of fur – interfacing – interfacing – fur. First I stitched the toe pieces together. Then I stitched the bottom pieces together. Then I stitched it all together. The stitch I chose was a tight zig-zig stitch. I had to go REALLY slow and force it through all of the thick layers.


Next time I would use a pressing cloth when ironing the fake fur because it burned and melted onto the iron. I would probably make the toe area not as tall and only use one layer of interfacing.


Products Used:

Pellon #71 Peltex Extra Firm Single Sided Fusible-Stabilizer – White

15” Grip Tight Cloth White Fabric By The Yard


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