Virtual Craft Group

The Bible Art Box makes a great group virtual activity! You can do the event with your friends, family, or your church group. All of the Bible Art Boxes are based on previously held women’s group functions at our local church so they are tested to work well in group settings.

We offer a guided virtual group craft night that will walk all of your participants through how to make the craft as well as answer any questions that come up in the making.



If you have a group of people that want to all purchase individually to have a virtual event, please have each person note which group they are with on the checkout page.

Special Group Promotion

As a special bonus to those who order multiple boxes for the purposes for a group in one location, we will host a virtual event over a video call with your group. This video session is completely FREE if you purchase 10 or more of a single type of craft that is shipped to a single address. No need to add anything to your cart, our team will reach out to you after 10 or more of the same kind of craft is purchased.


How does it work?

Once we receive either the individual purchases or the group purchase we will send you an email to work out the time that the video call will be placed and what video application works best for the group. At the time scheduled we will call and walk through each of the steps to complete the craft. We answer any questions that come up while people are working.

Please contact us with any additional questions.