Water-resistant Embroidered Lanyard Zippered Pouches for Disneyland

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For our son’s 3rd Birthday we knew that we wanted to go to Disneyland since we love going there so much and the grandparents were bugging us since before he was born to go. We went a few days before he turned 3 so he was free. :)


One of the ways that helped us to be a bit more organized was to have lanyard zippered pouches. This way we could put our park hopper tickets, our fast pass tickets, hotel key and any other money or cards we needed always available to us. I even put in my iPhone! Since they were laminated and used a water-resistant zipper, we were safe to wear them on Splash Mountain and other water rides.


Materials Used:

  • Fat quarter of fabric x number of lanyard pouches
  • 1/4 yard of Iron on Vinyl x number of lanyard pouches
  • Water-resistant Zipper(s)
  • Key Ring(s)
  • Sew On Velcro

To make the lanyard pouches, I first got a different fat quarter of fabric for each person based on their favorite color and tastes. I cut one piece of fabric to the right dimensions that I eye-balled and folded over and then embroidered each person’s name using coordinating thread. Then I ironed on Iron on Vinyl to the right side of the fabric and cut out a small square of fabric and folded over and stitched to use as the ring loop. To stitch the pouch, with the fabric inside out, I inserted the zipper and on one side made sure the loop was between the zipper and the fabric pouch and then stitched. After that I stitched up the sides, and then opened the zipper to turn right side out.

To make the lanyard, I took a long rectangle and folded over and stitched up all of the edges. Then on each end I sewed on the velcro, put the strip of fabric through the key ring, and then stitched across just above where the ring was to form a loop. Then the lanyard and pouch can be put together with the key ring – or detached like my husband did and put in his pocket.

On a different note; trying to coordinate 6 adults and a 3 year old, while maximizing what attractions we saw, during the summer, and only a month after Cars Land was opened, I knew was going to be a challenge. Since I get pretty obsessed with researching, especially in regards to trips, I took it upon myself to plan out our entire itinerary to the minute for the three days we were there. However, normally when I’m on vacation I don’t like any schedules, so it was quite an adjustment. I would love to say that I was the pinnacle of a calm and collected demeanor, but it wouldn’t be true.


The planning of the attraction itinerary would not have been possible without the aid of Ride Max. It wasn’t perfect, especially when rides would break down, but it really was such a tremendous help. I never would have thought in a million years that we would get to go to 35 attractions (a few more than once) in 2.5 days at the 2 parks with the large group we had and a kid who needed naps. We stayed at the Grand Californian which was very conveniently located on the grounds of California Adventure, which was another help, although the service wasn’t great. Also because our son is really tall for his age and has almost no fear, we got to go on all of the fun rides with him too – Radiator Springs Racers, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Soarin’ Over California! It was such a fun trip, and I look forward to going again in the off season and skipping (most) of the kiddie rides since he liked the big kid rides better!

Products Used:


Thermoweb 17-Inch by 2-Yard Heat’n Bond Iron-On Vinyl, Gloss

Water Resistant Closed Bottom Zipper 9″-Black

Leather Factory Split Key Ring 1″ 10/Pkg-Nickel

Velcro Sew-On Tape, 45 Feet x 3/4 Inch, White (90037)


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